Habits that you should adopt in order to sleep better

Put our advice into practice and optimize your hours of rest.

Falling asleep quickly and having a good night’s rest may constitute real challenges. If that is your case, prepare yourself to take notes because we are going to give you advice that may change your life.

Set up schedules:
Our body is regulated by the routines that we create. Has it never happened that you woke up 5 minutes before the alarm clock? Just as you certainly have a regular time to wake up, you should also define a time to go to bed.
In this way, your body will adapt itself and start to identify the moment of rest and, therefore, fall asleep more easily.

Prepare yourself to rest:
The same way that you will adapt to the waking and sleeping times, it is also essential to add a phase of gradual relaxation to your day.
About 1 to 2 hours before your sleeping time, try to slow down the rhythm of your physical and mental activities. Meditating or listening to calmer music, are examples of what you can put into practice to relieve the agitation of your day. In this way, you will calm down and naturally activate a rest mode.

Include the practice of physical exercise in your daily routine, be it a simple walk or more intense training. The important thing is that the release of neurotransmitters is activated, which stimulate a feeling of well being that will, consequently, help to neutralize any stress or anxiety.
Please note: the practice of physical exercise at the end of the day may have a contrary effect and be at the source of a restless sleep.

Create a harmonious environment:
It is essential that we feel well in our own room, characterized by coziness and harmony. This place should remain aired, cared for, with a mild temperature and free of distractions or noises. We know that it is difficult, but make an effort to exclude electronic and digital devices from this division of the house, such as the television and mobile phone.

Identify the comfort that you need:
We believe that all the factors indicated above are important, but lying down on the bed and feeling comfortable, is revolutionary.
How old is your mattress already? Do you wake up with muscle pains? If you don’t yet have a mattress and pillow that are ideal for your specific needs, it is urgent to make that change. The quality of your rest and sleeping cycle will improve substantially..