Products for rest at competitive prices.

Produced exclusively in Portugal, Lusocolhão is proud to be a brand of reference and quality in the manufacture of mattresses, articulated beds, beds (“sommiers”), tapis and rest accessories.

40.000 m2 of covered area
3 Production units
3.000 Mattresses per day
100 % Portuguese

Rigorous selection of raw materials

We do not take risks or take short cuts to ensure superior products. All the raw materials, foams and fabrics, have certificates of quality provided by our suppliers.

State-of-the-art equipment and processes

We invest on innovation and in technology and develop innovative production processes. In this way, we achieve objectives and meet the goals outlined by our customers.

Specialized manpower

The training of our employees is always a priority. We invest in the learning of the most recent and innovative techniques that, together with our years of experience, allow us to create high quality products.


A passion that became our mission

And that is merged with the history of our brand. Therefore, since our foundation in 1997, we have always grown, innovated and we continue to diversify our offer.

Thanks to our production process of a high technological level, the specialized manpower and the rigorous selection of raw materials, we cover all the targets of the national and international market.

National market

In only 20 years we have obtained the recognition of the national market that currently places us in the segment’s leadership.

International expansion

The expansion into international markets arose naturally and we are now present in more than 30 countries, with specific catalogues for the most varied markets.


A creative and innovative team

Discover who is behind the creativity and innovation of our products

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