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Which is the best mattress for you?

Discover all the factors that you should take into consideration, during the selection process of the ideal mattress.

The choice of the best mattress should be made individually, based on the body weight and the height of the person that is going to use it, on the preferred sleeping position, on possible back problems or backache that the person may have and, above all, on their personal preferences.

The mattresses with bonel spring have elasticity, firmness and good ventilation. In this last aspect, the spring models beat the foam ones, whereby they are more appropriate for those that sweat a lot or live in regions with a hot summer.

The core mattresses adapt themselves to the body and can be perforated to ensure a good ventilation and regular to firmness.

In the pocket spring models there is no transmission of movement between springs, whereby they are more comfortable especially if your partner moves a lot during their sleep.

The size and height of the mattress

When choosing the best mattress to sleep on, the size is essential. For quality sleep, the mattress should allow for the relaxation of the legs and the arms, or rather, it should have a length and a width of 20 to 30 cm more than the body’s structure.

The sizes and proportions of the mattresses are standard, in accordance with the European regulations, whereby they may undergo small variations in the different European countries.

1. Simple mattress: appropriate for a single person, it has measurements that correspond to 80/90 cm width by 190/200 cm length;

2. Mattress of a body and a half: specifically designed to ensure more space than the individual mattress, for a single person, it is a little bigger, measuring 120 cm width by 190/200 cm length.

3. Double mattress: ideal for two persons, it has a width of 140 to 170 cm and a length of 190/200 cm;

4. Personalized mattresses: especially designed for those who have special needs, they can be produced with the required sizes.

The height and the thickness of the mattress are other essential parameters to be considered for a good choice in accordance with the base/bed that will be complementing the mattress.