When purchasing the Lusocolchão products at one of our partners, the assembly will be their responsibility if this is your decision. If you opt to take the product to your house, the assembly will be very simple (in the case of the mattresses) and for the bases you will always have the assembly manual available.

With the mattresses, we always recommend that you remove the plastic protection carefully in order not to damage the mattress and in the case of the rolled up mattresses, after the opening the mattress will recover the full size after 24 hours, whereby it will not be possible to roll it up again. You may also note some wrinkles on the cover that will disappear quickly.

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We suggest you continue to surf our Site and and get to know our range of mattresses, beds, headboards, bases, frames and complements or download the catalogues of products available. We also invite you to find the store closest to youin order to choose your Lusocolchão product. In the Rest area, get to know some advice to help a you rest completely during the night in order to live your day to the full.

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Lusocolchão is abrand of exclusive Portuguese production , of reference and quality in the manufacture of mattresses, articulated beds, beds (“sommiers”), tapis and rest accessories at competitive prices. Get to know more about the brand, here.

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