3 years Warranty

Lusocolchão articles are manufactured with the greatest care, using the best materials and the latest technological innovations. Their quality is assured by rigorous and frequent testing.

Lusocolchão guarantees the repair of its products for 3 years (2 years for contracts signed before 01.01.2022), under the following conditions:

  • Validation of the warranty carried out by means of the original purchase invoice.
  • Notification of the “non-compliance” of the product to the retailer, that is, to the establishment where it was purchased. The retailer will be the one to subsequently inform Lusocolchão.
  • Repair of the “non-compliance” up to 3 years after the date of purchase, but not the full substitution of the product (save exceptions).
  • Whenever possible, the request for assistance should be carried out accompanied by photographs that allow for the quick identification of the problem.

The Warranty DOES NOT apply

  • To products that were incorrectly used, that were incorrectly transported, that were incorrectly stored or assembled, used in an inappropriate manner, damaged, altered or cleaned with inappropriate methods or products.
  • In the case of wear and tear due to normal use, cuts or risks, or damages caused by impacts or accidents.
  • In the case of wear and tear that took place due to intense use or exposure to adverse conditions, such as humidity or direct sunlight.
  • To products that were altered, in the structure or finish, and that are different to the product initially delivered to the customer.


The validity of the warranty ends in case of non-compliance with the instructions for assembly, conservation and use


After-Sales Service

Lusocolchão’s After-Sales Service, made up of quality technicians, analyzes all the notifications of “non-compliance” on a case by case basis, issuing a technical opinion about the causes and reasons for them.

Whenever a production problem is identified as a cause for the “non-compliance”, the analysis is immediately reported to the production so that the situation is resolved in the following production process.

When the reason for the “non-compliance” is the result of bad use, a quotation is generated for repairs.

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