We invest in the superiority of our products.

We know the importance that rest has on the quality of life and, therefore, we invest in the best materials, design and procedures for more comfortable and resistant solutions.

The best linings and interiors

We only select high quality materials for our mattresses.


Our products have breathable and watertight fabrics, with anti-mite and anti-allergic protection. Each lining is duly identified in each product.


Our offer ranges from foams, latex and viscoelastic, to bonel and pocket springs. Each one of these interiors adapts itself perfectly to the requirements of each person.

Excellent and certified raw materials

All the raw materials, foams and fabrics, springs, have certificates of quality provided by our suppliers.

Internal certification processes and tests

When creating a new product we carry out tests for the resistance, durability, breathing, watertightness of the materials and products we work with. Only the products that pass our tests move on to the market.

Hygiene and cleanliness

All our products are subjected to meticulous sanitization and cleaning norms. The resistance to microorganisms and mites susceptible to causing allergies is a constant concern. Throughout the production line, we also ensure that the national and European norms for health are applied.

Guarantee and safety

With all the internal quality norms guaranteed, as well as the appropriate certifications, our products are accompanied by a certificate of warranty that attests to its safety as well as our zero defect policy.


Our success is also assessed by the different certifications that we have for the most varied areas.

Certificado OEKO TEX ®
Classe I
Certificado euroLATEX
Eco Standard

Commitment with the world that surrounds us

We understand that the protection of the Environment is an essential value for the Company’s sustainability.

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