From Hostels to 5 star Hotels 

On holiday or on business, your guests deserve the best comfort possible. In order to be able to meet this demand, together we analyze the needs of each hotel unit in order to provide an experience of rest at the best quality/price. 

Apartments and Resorts

We also have solutions for contexts in which comfort has to be accompanied by practicality and durability. We adapt options of rest and storage to the characteristics of the space, so that they may be optimized in a useful way and ensure universal comfort. 

Elderly Homes and Rest Homes

Comfort is essential at all ages, but it is especially important in a more advanced phase of life. We provide articulated/geriatric beds and mattresses, appropriate for rest homes, which ensure a rest that is adapted to the more specific needs. 

Partners with the Lusocolchão comfort

Know-how and international experience

We have a team with specific skills in providing specialized counselling and presenting the most appropriate solutions for your needs and products especially designed to correspond with the most demanding standards and certifications required. 

Vast range of products and options

Imagine the spaces, we make the best environments real and ensure a quick responseby means of standard catalogue products,with enormous versatility, which surprise one due to their variety of combinations; the possibility of personalizing a vast range of products, to ensure the needs of each specific project; or the ability to develop from the start technical solutions and select materials, which turn into products with excellent design and quality. 

Transform ideas and dreams into industrially viable products

We face the challenges/opportunities of developing and assembling “in loco”with the greatest ease, which correspond with the highest standards of excellence in terms of quality, durability, design and performance. 

Versatility and flexibility of the production processes

Our design and industrial production teams work together and very closely, giving special significance to the selection of raw materials and to the industrial transformation processes and techniques with strict quality control procedures, with the aim of ensuring the achievement of finished products that fully correspond with that required. 

Strict operational planning

We articulate the sections of production, logistics and assembly in accordance with the objectives and deadlines associated with each project. Our international experience allows us to ensure the best logistic solutions appropriate for each target market within a logic of transport cost optimization and assembly time optimization.

Specialized Collection

Hotel Business Catalogue

Get to know our 2020 collection specialized for Hotel businesses and discover our new products.


Proven quality

Our products are accompanied by a certificate of warranty and a zero defect policy.


Environmental Commitment

We understand that the protection of the Environment is an essential value for the Company’s sustainability.

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